How to Take Advantage of Technology for Travel


One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is travel. It can be such an eye-opening experience and I thrive in environments that are outside of my comfort zone. I like the challenges that come with travel, because they always seem to lead to even greater rewards. However, just because travel pushes me to get outside of my comfort zone, that does not mean I have to live without certain luxury’s. I love to mix it up when it comes to accommodations and stay at a variety of high end and low-end places to get a better feel for a country or area. I also really enjoy doing a mix of touristy attractions and local activities. This usually means renting a car or getting a feel for the local public transportation and most likely booking somethings in advance. Depending on where I am going, sometimes I need specialty clothing or tools for activities planned. My point here, is that even when traveling for adventure and experience, we still seem to need a lot, and all of that prep work could be exhausting if we did not rely so heavily on technology. I am sure you use a few tech tricks and gadgets when you are planning your travels, or while you travel, but here are a few that you should definitely be taking advantage of.

Booking Online

There is really no reason to pick up the phone and call a hotel anymore, unless you have specific questions about something that is not clear on their website. Otherwise, you should be booking everything online. Not only will it save you time and effort, but it can usually save you money as well. I also recommend looking for coupons and deals online because you are almost guaranteed to find something that fits your needs. Next time you book a room at a Hilton hotel, google deals and visit their website instead of calling the hotel of interest. This also goes for any sort of car rental, pre-booked activity, sporting equipment rental. It is pointless to wait until you are at your destination because most likely, you are wanting to spending your vacation time vacationing, not planning your next move.

Buying Online

Now, despite the fact that this sounds very similar to booking online, it is different. When I say buying online, I am referring to any type of gear, gadgets, or baggage online. When I decided to spend several months in Mexico I wanted to be prepared to do a variety of activities. That meant making sure I have the right bathing suit, hiking boots, yoga pants, and anything else I thought I might need. In addition, you can actually use technology, to purchase technology. For example, I wanted to have one of those great suitcases that has a charging port right inside, so I went online and found a good deal on a hard-shell version. Before I knew it, in maybe less than a week, the suitcase was delivered right to my front door.

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